GoCardless & Salesforce Integration with ChargeOn

Effortlessly automate your payment collection process directly from your platform with GoCardless and Salesforce integration. Start today for smooth and timely transactions.

gocardless Salesforce Integration

GoCardless Overview


GoCardless offers a next-gen payment solution for recurring transactions. Their account-to-account technology reduces costs, speeds up settlements, and boasts lower failure rates than cards. Businesses across industries like subscriptions and B2B services can benefit from improved cash flow, reduced admin burden, and a secure global payment platform.


GoCardless and Salesforce Integration

Unify your sales and payment processes with the powerful combination of Salesforce and GoCardless.

Benefits of Integrating Salesforce & GoCardless

Effortless invoice & recurring payment collection

Frictionless payment experience boosts customer satisfaction.

Reduced fees compared to traditional processing.

Why and How to Integrate Salesforce & GoCardless?

Integrating GoCardless with Salesforce can yield endless advantages for your business, ensuring optimal system performance and efficiency.


  • Turns bank debits into more smart and inclusive, empowering nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and SMEs to leverage recurring payments as a competitive advantage.
  • Offer personalised payment plans tailored to individual invoices, ensuring flexibility for you and your customers. Automate collections with detailed real-time reporting for accurate tracking.
  • Leverage Salesforce Autopay to collect payments automatically on due dates. Allows businesses to automate invoice creation for a 100% touchless process and hence streamline operations.


  • Secure Data Flow: First, map the data you need to transfer between Salesforce and GoCardless. Then, establish secure communication protocols to safeguard sensitive information.
  • Choose Your Integration Path: For complex needs, connect with an integration partner to develop custom APIs for tailored communication between data or for faster integration, you can consider appexchange tools like ChargeOn for establishing a connection between your Salesforce CRM and GoCardless.
  • Configure and Test Thoroughly: Define the workflow triggering payment processing. Configure GoCardless with API or connector and ensure alignment with your data mapping and security protocols.
  • Deploy and Monitor Performance: Establish a deployment strategy minimizing disruption. After deployment, monitor the integration's performance and identify any issues.

Are you ready to grow your business?

Begin your Go Cardless and Salesforce integration journey today and witness the transformative impact on your business operations and customer satisfaction.

How Can ChargeOn Help?

ChargeOn is a fully native AppExchange application designed to seamlessly integrate Salesforce CRM with your payment gateway. This powerful application enhances business operations by providing compatibility with Salesforce payment processing & provides easy payment flow for your business.

Recurring Payments via Card

Manage recurring payments with ease with smooth the collection process of subscription fees, membership dues, or any other recurring charges your business requires.


Empowers you to accept payments in multiple currencies, seamlessly making business easy with your international customer base. It eliminates the complexities of currency conversion and streamlines your global operations.

Schedules Payments Like Never Before

Provides the flexibility to receive payments instantly or schedule them for a later date based on your payment cycles for well-planned cash flow management and a sorted subscription billing process.

Unmatched Security with Tokenization

Prioritizes Customer Security by replacing sensitive payment information with tokens. Directly handles sensitive data, reducing your PCI compliance burden and ensuring a secure payment experience for your customers.

How ChargeOn Works?

ChargeOn is a salesforce payment connector

ChargeOn Working Flow gocardless

Compare Features By Plan

A cost-effective solution to process payment in Salesforce. Starting from $1,799/year.

Basic Plan

  • 15 Payment Gateway Integration
  • Card Payment, ACH, E-Check
  • Scheduling For Card, ACH/E-Check
  • Transaction History
  • Tokenization
  • Auto Populated Fields
  • Transaction Summary Notifier Emails
  • Reports And Dashboards
  • Abort Scheduled Payments

Premium Plan

  • All Basic Plan Features
  • Payment Link - Instant And Schedule
  • Recurring Payment
  • Expired Card Notification
  • Flow Enabled
  • Multicurrency
  • Premium Support ( 10 Training Session )
  • ChargeOn For Communities
  • Partial And Full Refund
  • Automated Collection For Failed Payments

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