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Meet Easy Incentivizer

Meet Easy Incentivizer

Is your sales team still complaining about the delay inincentive payouts and mismatched incentive amounts? We’ve got a solution for you.

Easy Incentivizer by Cyntexa is a FREE native application that will help your business automatically calculate and reward the sales team for th opportunities that they have closed.

Now tackle the toughest incentive compensation management challenges by automating, implementing, and managing complex commission plans.

Our Features

Personalized Dashboards

With Easy Incentivizer’s user-specific dashboard, see sales agents' performance for the last 5 years.

Progressive Commissions

Your sales representatives needs to be rewarded for every sale they have generated. With the progressive commission feature reward your team timely.

Role Hierarchy Set Up

With this feature, we won’t let agents see the performance dashboard of other sales representatives.

Commission Criteria

Sales incentives may vary from agent to agent. Using the commission criteria feature, define commissions for each user and store them as templates.

Automate Calculations

With Easy Incentivizer, automate the complex commission calculations for every month. You can automate on the basis of the amount or percentage.

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Why Easy Incentivizer Is The Next Step For Your Business?

Sales commission is important to motivate, drive sales, and reward sales teams for strong performance. With Easy Incentivizer, we aim to bring trust & transparency, accuracy, and ease of use into every step of the commission process.

When you count commission manually, it makes room for errors that can impact your team's morale and productivity. By investing in Easy Incentivizer you can automate the commission process and calculate accurate incentives without any human error.

Minimize your team’s workload and maximize their productivity by creating commission templates that can be used every time and by anyone. Now invest your team’s efforts in productive tasks by automating repetitive tasks.

Make sure your sales team is rewarded for their efforts by making sure the commission is paid on time with the right commission calculator tool. With Easy Incentivizer, you don’t have to keep in mind to distribute commission every month, we will automatically calculate the commission for all your sales agents at the end of every month.

With Easy Incentivizer, keep track and have an in-depth understanding of sales representative’s performance. You can also allow your sales agent to view their performance so that they stay on track.

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So How Can I Use Easy Incentivizer?

It has a simple user interface, and if you follow these steps you'll be ready to go.

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How Can I Install Easy Incentivizer?

We are here to help you and make it easier for you to install Easy Incentivizer.

Watch the demo video for the step-by-step guide on how to install and use Easy Incentivizer in your Salesforce org.


Easy Incentivizer by Cyntexa is a FREE native application on Salesforce AppExchange that helps businesses to automatically calculate commissions of the sales agents/representatives for the opportunities they have closed won.

Easy Incentivizer is a FREE commission calculation application that can helps your business save time, money, and manual efforts by automating complex commission process. It also allows you to manage agent’s performance and achieve goals

Easy Incentivizer is a FREE application that comes with some of the amazing features:

  • Calculate Commission Automatically
  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Progressive Commissions
  • Commission Criteria
  • Role Hierarchy Set Up
  • No In-app Purchases
Check out Easy Incentivizer: Features and Benefits to know more.

At Easy Incentivizer you get a personalized dashboard for the calculated commission of each agent/manager for every month to view and evaluate their performance. It also allows the sales agents to check their own performances as well.

Easy Incentivizer is a FREE application that can be installed from Salesforce AppExchange easily. After installing you can set up in your organization. You can download our installation guide or check the installation video for assistance.

If you have any doubts you can reach us for assistance: [email protected]

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