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Most businesses like yours business is also bombarded with oceans of data. It is crucial to make an informed decision based on that data, but this can only be accomplished when the data is managed properly. Salesforce, lets you create rollups on master-detail relationships, but what about lookup relationships?

Cyntexa has created a FREE salesforce native solution, Easy Rollup that enables you to create rollups without any limits within Salesforce by running 100% within your Salesforce platform.

It helps your businesses organize, manage, and view data more simplified for both master-detail and lookup relationships.

If you're looking for an application that can update rollup data with just clicks instead of code, Easy Rollup is the app of choice.

Our Features

Support Both Relationships

As Salesforce only allows rollups to be created on master-detail relationships, Easy Rollup overcomes this limitation. With our application, create unlimited standard and custom rollups on both master-detail and lookup relationships.

Realtime Rollup

With Realtime Rollup, you can process data dynamically with real-time events, just as you would with Salesforce's standard roll-up summary.

Schedule Rollup

With Schedule Rollup, we allow you to schedule the rollups at a particular frequency of time. Now you don’t have to keep a reminder every time to create a rollup, just schedule it and get the results at the desired time.

On-Demand Rollup

Get the rollup as per your need whenever you want with On-demand Rollup. It allows you to get the results immediately at once, just click on the “Run” whenever you need updated rollup data.

User-friendly UI

A simple user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and interact with. Have quick access to all the features and everything you are looking for at the right place.

Graphical Representation

Have a balanced perspective of what’s happening in your business with a detailed view of the performance and summarized data with the help of bar and doughnut charts.

Data Filter

With this feature, choose a part of your data set, apply multiple filters on a rollup, and simply view and analyze data. Easy Rollup also allows applying filters on roll-up with custom logic that includes AND and OR operators.

Want to turn data into information, and information into insight?

Get Started in a minute!

Install now for FREE and get the most out of your Salesforce platform with Easy Rollup.

Application Screenshots

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Rollup Summary Types You Can Create?






So How Can I Use Easy Rollup?

It has a simple user interface, and if you follow these steps you'll be ready to go.

How Can I Install Easy Rollup?

We are here to help you and make it easier for you to install Easy RollUp.

Watch the demo video for the step-by-step guide on how to install and use Easy RollUp in your Salesforce org.


What is Easy RollUp?
Easy Rollup by Cyntexa is a FREE native application on Salesforce AppExchange that helps businesses organize, manage, and view data more simply. This application allows you to create roll-ups of any information in Salesforce with just clicks and not code.
How many roll-up summary types does Easy Rollup support?
With Salesforce’s standard functionality, you can only create four types of roll-up summary, i.e., Count, Sum, Minimum, and Maximum. Easy Rollup has introduced another summary-type Average along with these four.
How can I install Easy RollUp?
Easy RollUp is a FREE application that can be installed from Salesforce App Exchange easily. After installing you can set it up in your organization. You can download our installation guide or check the Installation Video for assistance.

If you have any doubts you can reach us for assistance: [email protected]
What is the best way to create rollups on lookup relationships?
There are many salesforce applications that can help you in creating rollups inside Salesforce but not all of them will support creating rollups on lookup relationships.

Easy Rollup by Cyntexa is a FREE application that allows you to create rollups on both master-detail and lookup relationships in Salesforce with just clicks and no code.

Check out the video to understand how it actually works.
How many types of roll-up can I create with Easy Rollup?
Easy Rollup gives you the facility to create three types of rollup:
  1. Realtime Rollup: Helps you to process the data dynamically, with real-time events.

  2. Schedule Rollup: This allows you to schedule the rollup at a particular frequency of time.

  3. On-Demand Rollup: Get the results immediately at once with an on-demand rollup.

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