Easy Incentivizer: Its Features and Benefits

April 3, 2024 | visibility 145

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Are you too tired of finding the right solutions to calculate the commissions over Salesforce, and none seems to fit your expectations? And, what about calculating commission for multiple sales agents or representatives, from a single dashboard? Moreover, having these features over a single application that is present on Salesforce AppExchange and that too for free? Does it still seem too good to be true? 

Well,  with the evolving technology, we at Cyntexa have come up with the right solution for you. No, it isn’t just a mere hoax and as you proceed with this blog, you’ll understand how right we were and how well we have met your expectations (and maybe more) with our new product- Easy Incentivizer!

But, let’s first understand the basic description of this app before moving forward about learning more about its features, benefits, and how it works exactly.

What is the Easy Incentivizer?

Easy Incentivizer, is an application developed by Cyntexa. It is a FREE native application that operates entirely on the Salesforce platform. Its main aim is to help organizations automatically calculate the commissions for their sales agents or representatives for the opportunities or deals that they have closed-won.

Furthermore, the commissions are calculated in both a simple as well as progressive manner automatically. Companies can also create and manage commission templates for multiple users to define the various commission criteria.

Also, Easy Incentivizer provides a personalized dashboard for each of the agents’ or managers’ calculated commissions for every month through which the users can view and evaluate their performances, based on the specified criteria.

Features of Easy Incentivizer

After getting a brief about the Easy Incentivizer application, let us understand its main features, which are briefly discussed as follows:

Features of Easy Incentivizer

1. Calculate Commission Automatically

One of the most important features of this app is that the commissions can be calculated automatically at the end of each month. These calculations can be further calculated based on the amount or percentage of the closed-won opportunities.

2. Personalized Dashboards

One interesting thing to note here is that there will be a dashboard not just for the admin or manager specifically, but for every user that has been mentioned by the admin. With the same, performances for the last 5 years can be easily tracked as well.

3. Progressive Commissions

For the sales agents or representatives, the commissions they receive are exactly as per the closed deals done by them. With the help of Easy Incentivizer most important feature of Progressive Commission, the managers can ensure that the agents are being rewarded for every sale through the closed deals that they generate.  

4. Commission Criteria

With the help of this application, one can also set different criteria for the commission of each user. This would be further stored in the form of a commission template for other users’ perusal.

5. Role Hierarchy Set-Up 

As per the role hierarchy in the organization, the sales agents are not supposed to know about the commission of other sales agents as commission criteria will also differ from one agent to another. Easy Incentivizer ensures that the sales agents can view only their Dashboard and are not able to see the dashboard for other users.

6. No in-app Purchases

As already mentioned previously, Easy Incentivizer is a 100% free native Salesforce solution. This also means that no one is required to bear any cost of the in-app purchases.

Benefits of Easy Incentivizer

Now, let’s understand the 6 main benefits of this Easy Incentivizer app. If you are still a bit confused about using this app, these benefits will surely make sure to consider using the same. These benefits are briefly discussed as follows:

Benefits of Easy Incentivizer

1. Saves Time 

While having a ready-to-use commission calculator at hand, a lot of time can be saved from doing manual calculations. Moreover, after the automatic calculation of the commissions, there will be a display of the same on the first day of each month.

2. Saves Cost

There would have been a lot of spending of money over ensuring that there is a proper calculation of the commission that has to be given to the sales agents every month. Easy Incentivizer would ensure to save this non-essential cost of the organization.

3. Manage Commissions Effectively 

While having the feature of setting up criteria for different commissions as provided to the agents or representatives, the commissions could be effectively and efficiently managed.

4. Reduce Manual Workload

With the amazing feature of commission criteria to be saved as a template for other users as well, there will be a reduction in manual workload to a greater extent. Moreover, calculating commissions as per the specified criteria would have been a tedious task while doing it manually. Now, with the automatic calculation of these commissions, the manual workload will be quite less.

5. Pays Commissions on Time

As mentioned above, the Easy Incentivizer app automatically calculates the commission on the first day of every month. This is done with the help of the criteria specified for all the sales agents.  With the help of this feature, there would also be a timely distribution of these commissions. 

6. Manage Agents Performance

The app also provides personalized dashboards for each of the users. The organization would be able to manage the performance of the agents properly. Similarly, the sales agents will be able to check their performances as well.

How Does Easy Incentivizer Work? 

After knowing the interesting features and benefits, now it’s time for you to understand exactly how to enable Easy Incentivizer with your Salesforce platform. One important thing to note here is that this is a free app available over Salesforce AppExchange and is very user-friendly.

To download this app, you can log in to your Salesforce AppExchange account with your username, go towards the Easy Incentivizer app and install it. With no hassle of in-app purchases, you can easily install it without thinking much about it!

A visual representation provides a better understanding than mere texts. For this very reason, we have made some exclusive videos for our users, which will help them understand the application’s functionality in a better way. One video works as an Introductory Video, wherein its functionalities have been briefly discussed. The other one is Installation Video wherein all the components required for installation and their working have been described step-by-step.  You can check them out to learn more about Easy Incentivizer.

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To sum up, Easy Incentivizer is the best solution for organizations who are still stuck with the manual workload of calculating commissions for their sales agents or representatives, while also ensuring that the sales agents are not able to see each other’s commissions or performances.

This solution of Easy Incentivizer has been brought up by Cyntexa. 

Cyntexa is a Salesforce Crest (Gold) Consulting Partner and is considered one of the top Salesforce Consulting Partners in the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore & India focusing on high-quality and scalable solutions for the most complex business problems out there. We have a vibrant team of 400+ certified Salesforce experts, including developers, architects, consultants, administrators, and MVPs carrying the experience of completing more than 900+ projects and handling 675+ clients.

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