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October 4, 2023 | visibility 855

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Salesforce payment gateway is one of the most essential needs of businesses of all sizes that want to receive payment in Salesforce. 

However, challenges like data security, cross-border transactions, and multiple payment gateways make it complicated for businesses to adopt Salesforce payment processing.

Is it necessary to go through typical Salesforce payment gateway integration process always? 

Not anymore. ChargeOn is here to ease out your headache. 

Built natively on Salesforce, ChargeOn is one popular Salesforce AppExchange Application that offers smooth  Salesforce payment gateway integration to help businesses receive payments globally in Salesforce.

Let’s dig deeper into this blog to learn how ChargeOn can help eradicate the complicated Salesforce payment gateway integration.

What is ChargeOn?

ChargeOn is a multi-cloud native AppExchange application that makes salesforce payment processing easier by offering seamless integration of more than 15 payment gateways.

ChargeOn is a highly customizable application, making it adaptable to specific business needs. It was first released to address the complexities involved in Stripe Salesforce integration. Later on, it expanded its offering to 15 more payment gateways like PayPal,,, ChargeBee, – and the list goes on.

ChargeOn offers support to payment methods such as debit/credit cards, ACH Bank, or e-check. So businesses can receive payments in Salesforce while offering their customers the convenience of choosing their preferred payment method.

Fun Fact: You can integrate Payment gateways through ChargeOn in the following Salesforce products: 

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud 
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud/Community Cloud. 

What makes ChargeOn the most essential Salesforce payment processor is its centralized source of truth. It enables businesses to manage transaction databases, schedule payments, customer information, payment details, and more in one place, reflecting Salesforce’s core value.

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How ChargeOn works? 

Let’s take the help of the following example:

Let’s imagine a business that sells a wide range of electronic products online and uses Salesforce as its customer relationship management platform (CRM). 

The business has customers globally, and it wants to integrate the Stripe payment gateway within Salesforce. The business installed ChargeOn from Salesforce AppExchange, completing the straightforward installation, and the app became a part of the Salesforce environment. The business can configure the installation to meet specific requirements such as payment methods, payment processing rules, and so on.

Now, when customers proceed to pay, all the payment options are seamlessly presented to make it easier for them to choose the most appropriate. It securely handles the transaction process and communicates with Stripe for authorization. Once the transaction is authorized, ChargeOn updates the Salesforce records with relevant transaction information. 

ChargeOn also works to streamline financial reporting to make it easy for businesses to gain deeper insights into their payment transactions. 

Salesforce Payment Gateway Integration ChargeOn Offers

ChargeOn offers seamless integration with more than 15+ payment gateway, such as:

Unlock the Power of ChargeOn Salesforce Payment Gateway: Features

Ready to meet the helpful features of CharegOn and how they streamline your payment processing hurdles:

ChargeOn Salesforce Payment Processing App Features

1. Instant and Scheduled Payments

Whether you want to receive payments instantly or want to schedule them for later, ChargeOn lets you do both with no hassle. 

2. Recurring Payment

Want to create a predictable revenue stream? Recurring payments can be set up with ChargeOn in a variety of ways, including weekly, monthly, annual, and custom. 

3. Automated Payment Collection

ChargeOn keeps track of due payments, failed payments, and upcoming payments to automatically send the payment link to customers at the right time. This helps in reducing payment delay rates.

4. Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

Apart from the 15 payment gateway, ChargeOn also offers you the freedom to integrate any other custom payment gateway with Salesforce. Discuss with the ChargeOn team to explore the scope of integration.

5. Tokenization

ChargeOn puts customer security at the heart of payment processing. With the help of tokenization, you can easily update or shield sensitive payment information with a unique identifier known as a token. Tokenization eliminates the need for PCI compliance obligations, enabling the payment gateway to handle payment information collected from the payer.

6. Notifications

ChargeOn alerts both customers and businesses whenever a transaction is successful or failed. Imagine this scenario: you’re a salesperson tasked with collecting payments from various customers by a specific deadline. On the due date, some will pay while others won’t. 

However, if you’ve integrated your preferred payment gateway with Salesforce using ChargeOn, its Notification feature will provide you with a targeted list of customers who haven’t initiated payment, enabling you to send them reminders to do so.

7. Payment Request URL

ChargeOn offers the convenience of sending payment request URLs to customers. Customers can click on the payment link and initiate the payment from their preferred payment mode.

8. Reports and Dashboards

ChargeOn enables you to keep a tab on a variety of information, like transaction volume, scheduled payments, monthly transaction counts, and many more. Easy access to this information enables the business to analyze transaction behaviour and make informed decisions to propel growth. 

Benefits of ChargeOn Salesforce Payment Gateway

Discover the Benefits of ChargeOn and How It Simplifies Your Payment Processing Challenges:

1. Payment Flexibility

ChargeOn grants businesses the option to receive payments immediately or schedule them for later, granting them the flexibility to manage their cash flow effectively.

2. Consistent Revenue Streams

By utilizing ChargeOn, you can establish recurring payments on diverse schedules, including weekly, monthly, annually, or customized intervals, ensuring a steady and predictable income flow.

3. Effortless Payment Management

ChargeOn automates payment collection by monitoring due payments, addressing failed transactions, and dispatching payment links to customers at optimal times. This minimizes payment delays and enhances cash flow control.

4. Adaptable Payment Gateway Integration

Beyond its integration with 15 payment gateways, ChargeOn offers the flexibility to incorporate custom payment gateways into Salesforce. Collaborate with the ChargeOn team to explore integration opportunities.

5. Heightened Payment Security with Tokenization

ChargeOn places a premium on customer payment security through tokenization. This method replaces sensitive payment data with unique tokens, eliminating the need for PCI compliance and ensuring the secure handling of payment information.

How to install ChargeOn in Salesforce?

To get started with ChargeOn in Salesforce, follow these steps: 

  1. Begin by logging in to your Salesforce organization.
  2. Next, navigate to the ‘AppExchange.’
  3. In the search bar, enter ‘ChargeOn.’
  4. Locate the ChargeOn listing and click ‘Get It Now.’

Afterwards, proceed to complete the form, our team will reach you, and you’re all set!

How Much Does ChargeOn Cost?

ChargeOn offers two different pricing options: Basic and Premium plans.

PlansBasic planPremium Plan
Pricing Starting at USD 1,799/company/year Depends upon your requirements and the customizations your business requires.
  • 15 Payment gateway integration
  • Payment options like card payment, ACH, E-check
  • Custom mapping with any Standard/Custom Objects
  • Scheduling for Card, ACH/Echeck
  • Transaction history
  • Tokenization
  • Auto populated fields
  • Notifications
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Cancel scheduled payments
  • Automated collection for failed payment
  • All basic plan features
  • Instant or schedule payments
  • Recurring payments
  • Expired card notifications
  • Flow enabled
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Premium support (10 training session)
  • ChargeOn for communities
ChargeOn Transform Payment Process With Ease

Final Take

ChargeOn is a revolutionary 100% native Salesforce AppExchange application providing seamless Salesforce payment gateway integration. It is leveraging state-of-the-art security to facilitate payment processing with confidence. 

With seamless integration to more than 15 payment gateways, it enables businesses to receive cross-border payments. 

Want to set up ChargeOn for your business? 

Let’s connect with us to discuss the endless capabilities of Salesforce and payment gateway integration with ChargeOn.

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