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With the ever-growing automation in all processes, there is an increasing need for more automated software to ease the use of more codes in various applications. This includes Salesforce applications as well.

While using Salesforce, have you ever seen rollup details on any lookup object? The answer will be a straight no, as Salesforce doesn’t allow to creation of rollup on lookup relationships. 

Have you ever faced any difficulties with this particular limitation of Salesforce? The answer to this question will be a definite ‘Yes’. The main reason is the huge amount of data because of which there is a need to create many look-up relationships.

To fetch the data from these Roll-up summary lookup relationship objects, there is a complex process involved that requires writing long complex codes. Other than the restraint of being too time-consuming, there is another difficulty faced by the users while filtering and exporting the data as per the business needs.  

If you agree with the above-mentioned points, aren’t you still wondering about any product that can easily help you overcome these challenges? Well, if the answer is a big ‘Yes’, then you are definitely in the right place. This is because Cyntexa has recently launched a new Salesforce application named Easy Rollup which aims at removing the above-mentioned barriers for the smooth working of Rollup summary in Salesforce.

In this blog, we will learn more about this new product and how any business would benefit from the same.

What is Easy Rollup?

Easy Rollup, is an application developed by Cyntexa. It is a FREE native application that operates entirely on the Salesforce platform. Its main aim is to help businesses organize, manage, and view data more simply.

This application would allow the user to roll up any information in Salesforce with just mere clicks instead of long codes. In case one needs to save roll-up data in the existing field, it can be easily done with the help of a single click. 

If you are looking for an application where you can create a new field, and update roll-up data there with clicks then Easy Rollup is the best app for you. 

With Easy Rollup, you can perform various functions for any data such as count, sum, max, min, and average.

Features of Easy Rollup

Features of Easy Rollup

After getting a brief knowledge regarding the Easy Rollup application, let us move forward and understand its main features, which have been briefly discussed as follows:

1. Rollup Of Lookup Objects

With the help of the Easy Rollup application, users can easily create as well as update custom roll-up summaries in Salesforce in about 5 forms. These would include Count, Sum, Minimum, Maximum, and Average.

2. User-friendly Ui

With every new application, every user hopes to see its interface as user-friendly for its easy and smooth working. This application has a simple as well as a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and provides quick access to all the features.

3. Export Data

One of the main issues while working with huge data is exporting it in the desired format. With the help of this application, Salesforce Roll-up Summary can be easily converted into CSV format.

4. Graphical Representation

Easy Rollup provides a detailed view of the performance and summarized information on the number of rollups present on an object with the help of graphical representation in the form of charts like Bar charts and Donut Charts. 

5. Data Filter

The last feature of Easy Rollup includes Data Filtration. With the help of this feature, the user can easily choose a part of the data set that needs to be viewed or further analyzed. 

The good news for the users of Easy Rollup is that we have already come up with some of the main features that will be a part of our next release/updates. These would include:

  • Percentage rollup (based on filter value)
  • Percentage rollup of a picklist field (Percentage rollup based on the selected value of a picklist field )
  • Cross object rollups
  • Rollup using an editable query
  • Rollup using CSV import
  • Rollup on text fields

What Are The Types of Rollup

Types of Rollup

Similar to an Excel worksheet, the following five types of rollup exist for Salesforce users that can be created while using Easy Rollup:

1. Count

Through this, one can easily count the huge amount of data extracted in Salesforce.

2. Sum

Through this type, one can add up all the data, as required.

3. Maximum

With the help of this roll-up type, the user can find out the maximum value among the present data.

4. Minimum

With the help of this roll-up type, the user can find a minimum value among the present data.

5. Average

With the help of this roll-up type, the user can find out the average of the entire or required data set.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits offered by the Easy Rollup application.

Here Are Some Benefits of Easy Rollup

Here Are Some Benefits of Easy Rollup

The following points add up to the benefits of Easy Rollup, which makes it unique from any other application in Salesforce:

1. Easier To Use

With a user-friendly User Interface (UI), the Easy Rollup application has been made easier to use even for beginners. This adds up to the advantage for all the users, be they beginners in Salesforce or quite experienced.

2. More Powerful

To carry on with the tasks as mentioned in the features, the application needs to be powerful enough to withhold a huge amount of data and let the user customize it as per their needs. Easy Rollup is more powerful than any other related application and will bring out more innovative features in the later upgrades.

3. Free Application

Despite having such amazing features, the application is available on the Salesforce AppExchange platform for free. No extra charges need to be paid by the user for the same. 

4. Unlimited Rollups

With the help of the Easy Rollup Application, users would be able to create unlimited rollups in Salesforce. This would make the work of any user easier on the Salesforce platform.

How does Easy Rollup work?

After knowing the interesting features and benefits, now it’s time to move on to the part of understanding how this application works. As already mentioned above, this is a free native application that is available over Salesforce AppExchange. To download this app, you can log in to your Salesforce AppExchange account with your username, go towards the Easy Rollup app and install it. With no hassle of in-app purchases, you can easily install it without thinking much about it!

Visual representations provide a powerful way through which there will be a better understanding than textual representations. For this very reason, we have made some exclusive videos for our users, which will help them understand the application’s functionality in a better way.

One video works as an Introductory Video, wherein its functionalities have been briefly discussed. The other one is the Installation Video wherein all the steps to be performed for installation and its working have been described step-by-step. You can check them out to learn more about Easy Rollup. 

Easy Rollup CTA


It can be well concluded that Easy Rollup is the best solution for users or organizations who are still stuck with performing manual work of applying rollup summary on Salesforce data. Though there are similar applications that can help in creating roll-ups inside the Salesforce platform, Easy Rollup provides the advantage of allowing you to roll up any information in Salesforce with just clicks and not code.

This solution of Easy Rollup has been brought up by Cyntexa. 

While being a Salesforce Crest(Gold) Consulting Partner, Cyntexa is considered one of the top Salesforce Consulting Partners in the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore & India. It mainly focuses on providing high-quality and scalable solutions for the most complex business problems. 

Cyntexa has also introduced two other applications on the Salesforce AppExchange platform: ChargeOn and Easy Incentivizer. ChargeOn aims to make payment processing and online transactions easy by integrating 15+ payment gateways in Salesforce. Easy Incentivizer’s main aim is to help you automatically calculate the commissions for the various sales agents/representatives for the opportunities that they have closed.

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