PayTrace & Salesforce Integration

Streamline payments with the game-changing PayTrace integration with Salesforce and enjoy 99.8% uptime with assured PCI DSS compliance. Start accepting payments securely.

paytrace Salesforce Integration

Pay Trace Overview


PayTrace is a payment gateway that empowers businesses to accept secure credit card payments online, in person, and through mobile solutions. Popular among B2B merchants, it is gaining attention from multiple industries by potentially offering lower fees through Level II and Level III processing. With features like recurring billing and integrations with business tools, PayTrace aims to streamline the payment experience for both businesses and their customers.


Pay Trace and Salesforce Integration

Gain complete visibility of customer interactions and streamline payment management with Salesforce and PayTrace integration.

Benefits of Integrating Salesforce & Pay Trace

Process payments directly within Salesforce

Customize payment workflows for Salesforce orders

Achieve a complete view of customer and payment data

Why and How to Integrate Salesforce and PayTrace?

The dynamic duo of Salesforce & PayTrace optimizes your payment process and customer data, boosting efficiency and creating new business opportunities.


  • Integration centralizes data in Salesforce, automates workflows like invoicing based on payments, and eliminates manual data entry, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Get a unified customer view in Salesforce along with personalized interactions based on purchase history and preferences. Manage customer’s accounts and directly access invoices, subscriptions, and updated payment information.
  • Offer Level II and III data processing for B2B transactions, simplifies B2B invoicing, payment reconciliation, and customer management through integration with Salesforce.


  • Define Your Integration Scope: Identify the integration goals, and data to transfer between Salesforce and PayTrace, select integration approaches and map the specific workflows triggering payment processing.
  • Explore Integration Options: For B2B merchants using PayTrace with Salesforce, security is the top priority. Leverage pre-built, secure connectors like ChargeOn on the Salesforce AppExchange for a faster and more cost-effective integration solution.
  • Configure and Test: Seek assistance from the ChargeOn team to define the workflow for triggering payment processing, configure ChargeOn with API credentials and perform rigorous testing.
  • Deploy and Monitor: Establish a deployment strategy minimizing disruption and monitor the integration's performance after deployment.

Are you ready to grow your business?

Begin your Pay Trace and Salesforce integration journey today and witness the transformative impact on your business operations and customer satisfaction.

How Can ChargeOn Help?

ChargeOn is a fully native AppExchange application designed to seamlessly integrate Salesforce CRM with your payment gateway. This powerful application enhances business operations by providing compatibility with Salesforce payment processing & provides easy payment flow for your business.

One Stop Payments

Integrates with multiple gateways, offering a centralized platform for all your CSG Forte payment needs.

Simplify B2B Payments with Secure Links

Offer B2B customers the convenience of secure payment links (card & bank). Shared via email, these links simplify the payment process, leading to faster payments and improved cash flow for your business.

Protect Sensitive Information with Tokenization

Ensure security by replacing sensitive cardholder data with secure tokens, minimizing the risk of data breaches within Salesforce.

Effortless Recurring Payments

Automate recurring B2B payments (card/ACH) directly in Salesforce for subscriptions & contracts. Improves revenue predictability & reduces manual work for businesses as well as customers.

How ChargeOn Works?

ChargeOn is a salesforce payment connector

ChargeOn Working Flow with paytrace

Compare Features By Plan

A cost-effective solution to process payment in Salesforce. Starting from $1,799/year.

Basic Plan

  • 15 Payment Gateway Integration
  • Card Payment, ACH, E-Check
  • Scheduling For Card, ACH/E-Check
  • Transaction History
  • Tokenization
  • Auto Populated Fields
  • Transaction Summary Notifier Emails
  • Reports And Dashboards
  • Abort Scheduled Payments

Premium Plan

  • All Basic Plan Features
  • Payment Link - Instant And Schedule
  • Recurring Payment
  • Expired Card Notification
  • Flow Enabled
  • Multicurrency
  • Premium Support ( 10 Training Session )
  • ChargeOn For Communities
  • Partial And Full Refund
  • Automated Collection For Failed Payments

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